1. The client could return back the undelivered sales order in 7 days from date of purchase conditional by submitting the original sales order.
  2. The refund amount will be pay by cheque, only under the name mentioned in the invoice. if the payment made by credit cards, the company will deduct the % of the deduction taken by the bank earlier.
  3. The client shall be entitled to replace the goods which not yet delivered to him within 15 days from the date of purchase of the same value or higher.
  4. The client is entitled to return the goods delivered to him only in the event of a defect or non-conformity of manufacturers who purchased them from the showroom.
  5. 5- The company ensures all kinds for one year from the date of purchase on the bad manufacturing and does not guarantee the manufacturing of glass and ceramic works permanently after receiving the client either in showroom or website.
  6. The purchased items will keep maximum 60 days then it will be moved to a rented warehouse and this would be under the responsibility of customer including delivery.
  7. The delivery date is determined and the texturing with exhibitions customer service and customer should provide the shipping address and contact numbers which will be under the client’s responsibility.
  8. The delivery date could be changed by the client before 48 hours at least and agree on another date as the availability of the company.
  9. The company has the right to return back the goods if the customer not respond to the delivery already scheduled and the customer will be charged for the next delivery.
  10. The company is not responsible for the display location structure.
  11. The free delivery only in KSA. The company has no responsibility for any electrical/sanitary works at the customer display location.
  12. The client must sign a receipt in case of any note to be mentioned with the signature.
  13. Online store rates are less than the showroom rates
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